Microchip identification for your pet is highly recommended.


Collars and ID tags your pet wears can easily fall off or be removed if your pet should ever wander out of your yard or home. Microchipping your pet is the only permanent form to identify your pet and reunite you with your loved one. 

Microchipping your pet is similar to having your pet vaccinated. No anesthesia is needed and the microchip itself is similar in size to a small grain of rice. The microchip is implanted quickly and easily underneath the skin of your pet, between the shoulder blades. Your pet can be microchipped at any time, usually at their first wellness exam, technician appointment, or when they are spayed or neutered.


Once microchipped, we will have you fill out a registration form with your contact information, your pet’s information, and your pet’s microchip number. Your pet’s microchip has a unique electronic identification number that corresponds to the contact information you provided to us. We use the company DATAMARS and register your pet’s microchip online at PetLink.net, free of charge. You will be sent home with a copy of your microchip registration form, a red ID tag your pet can wear with their specific microchip number, and a PetLink card as a quick reference to access your pet’s information.