Technician Services

Technician appointments for our patients are available for the following services. Your pet must have a current examination on record, within the year, and be under the care of our doctors.

  • Nail Trim

  • Vaccination

  • Heart-worm Test

  • Anal Gland Expression

  • Sanitary & Hygiene Trim

  • Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy

  • Microchip (Registration Included)

  • Soft Paws Application with Nail Trim (For Cats)

    • Soft Paws are vinyl nail caps that are glued onto your cat's existing nails to prevent unwanted scratching

    • Owners must bring in their own package with glue in order to be applied

  • Toe Grip Application with Nail Trim (For Dogs)

    • Toe Grips are non-slip grips applied to your dogs toenails to enable instant traction and improved mobility

    • A technician will measure and apply the correct size (provided by the hospital) for your dog at the time of their visit